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About us:

The Eparchial Diocese of the Coptic Catholic Patriarchate had established The Development Office (Diakonia) in 2010. Since then the office had realized many projects in collaboration with many other associations beside the local contribution.

The office aims to promote the pastoral and social role of the local Church in our society. Also assist and develop our beneficiaries, specially marginalized and the persons with special needs to get a dignity life, by improving economic, health and environmental conditions and by raising the level of education and awareness.


We aim to incarnate the charity of Christ by offering our services wherever it is possible.


  • Promote the social and pastoral role of the local church in the society.
  • Develop the beneficiaries in many categories: health, education, awareness and empowerment.
  • Develop our employers and voluntaries to create effective leaders in the church and society.


The office aims to spread the peace, the justice, the prosperity, the dignity and the solidarity in the society, by the realizations of many activities, without distinction between our beneficiaries based on religion or race. The office aims also to improve the ability of our beneficiaries to practice their rights and duties.

Beside this our fundamental aim is assisting the role of the women in the society by promote her empowerment and awareness.   


  • We effectively participate in the society in many development activities.
  • We constantly in contact with the others associations, which in common vision with us.
  • We realize our aims and scope by many activities in fieldwork where we have direct contact with the beneficiaries.

Diakonia Activities:

  • Pastoral Activities
  • Social Activities
  • Environmental Activities
  • Human Rights Activities
  • Economic Empowerment Activities
  • Education Activities (Illiteracy and increasing awareness)

The Office had established:

  1. Service center at the saint Mary church – Ezbet El Nakhl
  2. Service center and The pastoral residence in the Church of the Saint Mary and St. Joseph – Al khusus
  3. Buying the House of the Good Samaritan for youth Residence – Tora
  4. Al Anba Stephanos Women Residence– Hadayek El Kobba
  5. St.George Nursery – Al Zawah Al Hamra
  6. Service center at the Immaculate Conception church – El-Dekheila – Alexandria
  7. Service center at the St.George Church – Ashmoon – Monofia
  8. Mary’s Heart Special Needs School – Shoubra El Khaima
  9. Mary’s Heart Nursery – Shoubra El Khaima

Until now, our office has renovated some centers such as:

  1. Montessori Child Nursery
  2. Seat for Diakonia Development Office in  El Maqrisi
  3. Our Lady of Peace – Sheraton
  4. A large part of the Saint Mary church – Shoubra El Khaima
  5. A large part of saints Teresa church – Sharabya
  6. The pastoral residence in the Church of the Adoration –  Shoubra
  7. The pastoral residence in the Church of the saint  Mary – Quesna
  8. The pastoral residence in the Church of St. Peter’s – Tanta
  9. The pastoral residence in the Church of the Archangel Michael –  Hadayek El Kobba
  10. The pastoral residence and hall in the Church of the saint  Mary – EL-Maadi
  11. Classes and halls of St.George’s College – Heliopolis
  12. Mary’s Heart Clinic Center -Shoubra El Khaima

Pastoral services:

  1. Support conferences (Formation of the priests – Youth of the diocese – the elderly- Empowering Women Program)
  2. 9 buses for different parishes – 9 cars for priests for pastoral service – 1 car on demand
  3. Print 7 liturgical and other books
  4. Import and Distribution of Books (YoCath – DoCath – Bible)

Development services:

  1. Illiteracy (at least 350 persons and the official certificates have been issued)
  2. Youth empowerment (training and job creation of more than 200 young people)
  3. Aid ( Medical field 50 cases – educational field 48 cases – assistance for poor families 75 families)
  4. Empowering Women Program and  Women Awareness Program ( more than 300 women)
  5. Many exhibitions and service celebrations (Orphan’s Day – Mercy Day)

What we plan for 2018?

  1. Launch a website with all the services provided by Diakonia diakonia-eg.com
  2. Completing the maintenance work at Our Seat and establishing a studio for audio.
  3. Start at the reception center at Al Anba Stephanos.
  4. Development and completion of the services of (Ashmoun – Shoubra Al-Khaymah – Khosous)
  5. Completing support of pastoral conferences and programs for youth and women
  6. Development of workers in various projects of  Diakonia
  7. Complete Organizing of annual exhibitions.
H.B/ Ibrahim Isaac

H.B/ Ibrahim Isaac

Patriarch of Alexandria of the Copt Catholic


H.B. Cardinal/ Antonius Naguib

H.B. Cardinal/ Antonius Naguib

Diakonia's Founder


F/ Hani Bakhoum

F/ Hani Bakhoum

Diakonia's Responsible

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