Hairdressing Course

Hairdressing course

In cooperation with the trainer / Hana Naguib

Special discount up to 50%

Course details



Date no Item
26-Mar 1 Teaching the Tweezing و Thread, and waxing of eyebrows and eyebrows in all their forms
Teaching skin cleaning and how to deal with black seeds
29-Mar 2 Teaching hair-splitting, drying, and how to deal with hair before all this
02-Apr 3 Teaching a hairdryer and rolling hair onto the bobbin
05-Apr 4 Teaching the Babyliss
09-Apr 5 Teaching how to deal with curly and wavy hair
12-Apr 6 Teaching the basics of dye and highlight
16-Apr 7 Teaching all different hairstyles and hairstyles
19-Apr 8 Teaching protein action and knowing the difference between it and creatine
23-Apr 9 Pedicure and manicure instruction
26-Apr 10 Teaching the basics of makeup artist


Conditions of enrollment



1-     الإتصال للحجز و الحضور فى الموعد المحدد لدفع الإشتراك لتأكيد الحجز.

2-     تسديد قيمة الاشتراك 400 جنيهاً مصرياً 400 جنيه (يتم الحضور للكنيسة و دفعها يوم الثلاثاء 23/3/2021) من الساعة 10 صباحا حتى 3 مساءاً)..

3-     إحضار صورة بطاقة الرقم القومى وقت الحضور لدفع الإشتراك.

4-     ان يكون عمر المتدرب من سن 18 : 40 عام.

5-     ضرورة حضور 80% من إجمالى محاضرات الكورس.

6-     يلغي الدعم المقدم من مكتب دياكونيا فى حالة غياب المتدرب أكثر مرتين.


the course place


The Virgin Mary Coptic Catholic Church, Drias Street


Course date


Mondays and Fridays of every week for 5 weeks

(Starting from 3/26/2021 until 26/4/2021)

From 10 am to 1 pm (for 3 hours for a lecture)


For inquiries and communication


A / Irene

T: 01227241199

Messages can be sent on WhatsApp daily to the same number.

Every day from 10 am to 3 pm, except on Friday and Sunday
12 A Al-Jabarti Street from Caliph Al-Mamoun – Heliopolis


Those wishing to participate must pay the cost of the course in the church on March 23, 2021
From 10 am to 3 pm