Montessori Courses

Montessori cycle

In cooperation with specialized and certified trainers


Course Details
  • Training for teachers of children and parents of the Montessori educational program, 25 training hours (online) 10 meetings
  • Discounted break time and hands-on training with tools.
  • 40 to attend 10 meetings
  • The Program Includes:
    • Pre-Montessori stage (from birth to two years)
    • Montessori educational program (from the age of two to eight years)
    • Working life program – Sensory life program – Reading and writing language program – Mathematics program – Cultural programs (science, geography and history)
  • Cost: 750 EGP
Course Date

From 10 September 2020

To      12 October 2020

Conditions of Enrollment

From 20 years old to 50 years old

The Course Place

7 Ali Bahgat St., from Egypt and Sudan, El Hadayak Qobba,Cairo



For inquiries and communication

Mr. Irene:

Tel : 01227241199

Daily 9 am: 4 pm except Friday and Sunday

Diakonia Development Office Headquarters:

12 A Al-Jabarti St., from the Caliph Al-Mamoun – Saraya El-Qobba

Application deadline is
August 31, 2020