Behavioral Rehabilitation and Addiction Treatment Program


In cooperation with Recovery Miracle Center; the center provides behavioral rehabilitation services for addicts and mental disorders from adolescence, we are offering the following services:


  • Phase Detoxification
  • Treatment of Mental Disorders
  • Behavioral Therapy Program
  • Programs for the treatment of personality disorders Personality Disorders
  • Follow up after the end of the treatment program


    • Ways of providing service:

    1 – Periodic clinical interviews with the psychiatrist for each patient to examine the mental capacity (due to the increasing proportion of mental illness with drug abuse) to determine the treatment plan according to the needs of each patient.

    2. A specialized program for the rehabilitation of people with substance abuse. The MATRIX, N / A, A / A

    3. Sessions of group therapy…. Examples of topics (abuse, relationships, sex, money, overcoming shocks, self-confidence, decisiveness and violence, rights and borders, the beginnings of the 12-step program)

    4 – Specialized programs for personality disorders by each patient

    5. Individual Sessions

    6 – Raising awareness of the people about the nature of the disease and treatment methods Family Sessions

    • Benefits of Residential Treatment
    1. Internal treatment is intensive
    2. To overcome the symptoms of craving in the beginning to prevent relapse (skipping daily habits that lead to relapse)
    3. Global success rate of internal treatment reaches 62% compared to 4% for external treatment
    4. Duration of the program
    • Program Duration:
    1. 3 months or more depending on patient needs
    • Entertainment:
    1. Football & volleyball fields are in place
    2. Bing games, billiards and chess
    3. BBQ parties

For Contact:

Behavioral Rehabilitation and Addiction Treatment Program

Contact (155 Old Bahtim Road 135 St Shubra Al Khaimah, Cairo, Egypt )

Manager  of Clinic : Ashraf Bekhit ( +202 -  01210206807 )


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